If You Knew Then What I Know Now from Sarabande Books.

"This stunning short film/ book trailer . . . is just beautiful and arresting. . . . [I]tís just a lovely example of how
a text can interact with film to create something thatís not merely a commercial for the book, but a piece of art
in itself. Wish more book trailers were like this. . . ." — Publishers Weekly

"Every essayist should be fortunate enough to know a filmmaker like Tucker Capps. Cappsí trailer (or short film, really)
for Ryan Van Meterís If You Knew Then What I Know Now is a beautiful thing. Using techniques I canít even begin
to guess at, the film is one part animation and one part live action, and breaks your heart in just under three
minutes flat." — Booklist

"Dear everyone who produces book trailers or other digital promotional media. Take a note from the team behind
Tucker Cappsí short film inspired by Ryan Van Meterís upcoming essay collection, If You Knew Then What I Know Now
forthcoming in April. This is how itís done." — Lambda Literary